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Tips for a successful open home

28 Feb 14

Anyone undertaking a real estate course with the hope of becoming a property agent has a lot to learn. One of the best skills to pick up early on is how to present an open home to successfully sell a property. 

After all, first impressions are important and you want to give the best one possible to any potential buyers walking through the doors, in order to facilitate a fast sale. Here are some real estate tips to help you get the most out of your open homes. 

Open the space up

Nothing entices people more than having an abundance of light and fresh air streaming through the home. This not only helps to make the home aesthetically pleasing, but it also airs the property out, replacing any old musty smells with a freshly cleansed aroma. 

After all, you can never have too much sunlight and fresh air in a home, so open windows and curtains - especially in main living areas - to maximise these factors. 

Make the home neutral 

One thing that people love to do when entering an open home is to try imagining their own belongings and personal effects decorating the room.

Therefore, one tip for helping to facilitate this process is to take down any personal family photos, awards or other sentimental pieces, and reduce the awareness of someone else currently living in the property to help engage potential buyers and their imaginations. 

Do a thorough clean

While this one may seem obvious, it doesn't hurt to mention. Ensure your clients take the time to scrub every inch of their home - and this doesn't just mean the inside. 

Taking care of the exterior will help to increase the home's kerb appeal, which is essential for teasing potential buyers into the property. Mowing the lawns and tending to the gardens are a great way to help spruce the property up before an open home.