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Tips to find the best tenants for your property

17 Jul 13

Finding a tenant on behalf of someone else can be one of the hardest parts of property management, and nabbing a great tenant could save you a lot of work later on!

So how do you find the right one, or the right group?

Here are a few tips that will keep you, your client, and your tenants happy.

Use the right bait

To attract the tenant of your dreams, make sure your advertisements are written in a way that will be relevant to the kind of person you're after.

While the ad for a beachfront villa will differ in content from a high-rise penthouse, don't forget to change your style accordingly too. Think about the interests of the tenants that would like to live there, and write to them, in language appropriate for the tenant and the property.

Reel them in

Once you've got them checking out your open home or rental viewing, take the time to ask the right questions and be available to answer theirs.

Watch body language to see how interested they are in the property - do they hang around longer than other viewers? Do they come armed with questions? There will be plenty of cues as to whether they are truly interested, so you can gauge how interested they are, and you can decide if you are interested in them.

Hook, line and sinker

Once you've got an application from someone you know will love the property and look after it accordingly, keep them there!

If they've got issues, find ways to resolve them without fuss or too much delay. If they have questions, answer them as soon as you can. Keeping up good lines of communication will mean your tenants will be more open to resolving issues rather than finding new places to live.