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Why is it important to continue to develop your real estate career?

16 Aug 13

If you're lucky enough to have a secure job in this tough economic climate, you may well feel the inclination to rest on your laurels.

However, no matter what stage of your real estate career you are currently at, it is crucial to continuously upskill and take part in professional development.

They say that education is a lifelong journey - you simply don't just stop learning the moment you finish university, toss your cap into the air and graduate.

Here we outline the main reasons why it is crucial to continue your real estate training and professional development:

Stay ahead of the pack

As professional training programmes and short courses become more and more accessible, it seems that most professionals these days are upskilling.

You might already have a job, but that is no reason to be content with where you are. By keeping ahead of your colleagues with newly acquired skills and training, you can establish yourself as a leader in your field.

REISA offers numerous real estate and property management courses, so there's no excuse not to sign up for one today!

Changing work environment

With new technologies, trends and practices, jobs are evolving all the time.

Professional development provides the opportunity to learn new skills you thought you'd never need, to help you stay current and relevant in your profession.

Gain credibility

A professional development course, such as a real estate agent training programme from REISA, is a handy way to pick up some certificates and qualifications that look great on your CV.

It will certainly add to your status as a professional that can be trusted - for example, REISA's members are required to follow their strict code of conduct, which will enhance their credibility with customers and fellow agents alike.