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Why is it important to learn scripts for a real estate agent?

24 Jul 13

Think actors are the only people who have to learn scripts as their job? Think again. Scripts are a vital part of any real estate career and they can be essential in moving up the ranks.

Every new real estate agent in training has to spend a significant portion of their time both learning and practising the scripts given to you during real estate courses.

Once the new starter has the basics of the scripts down, they are able to begin fine tuning them to suit their own style and personality so that they flow naturally and are believable.

Using scripts have many benefits for starters.

For one, they were created and edited by long-standing professionals in the industry. So learning scripts and understanding their meaning is essentially like taking advice directly from someone who knows the industry well - which will continue to be a big part of improving your skills throughout your career.

Another point is that when you're still learning you're likely to encounter some situations where you're not exactly sure what to do. Having a standby phrase to use in this case can deflect the issue to someone who will know how to deal with it, or at least put it off until later when you can find out what the protocol is.

Scripts can also give you an idea of what to expect from customers. Since you are heading straight out into the field, the lines that you have learnt can offer some insight into the types of questions that you'll commonly hear on the job. Knowing what is coming can help you to prepare yourself in advance so you'll be ready to deal with anything!