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Your moving house checklist

20 Aug 13

Moving house can be one of the most complicated and hectic activities you undertake in your lifetime.

Unfortunately, you can't just dump your old home and stroll into the nearest available one like certain crustaceans.

Moving house for humans involves a lot more coordination and planning, but it shouldn’t be too difficult with the help of these real estate tips.

Keep this checklist in mind if you are moving soon so you don't forget a thing!

Clear out the junk

Moving house is the perfect opportunity to do a stocktake of every item in your house and arrange for any unnecessary objects to be disposed of.

A garage sale is a fun way to go about doing this - and you can make some serious money on the side!

Let people know

You'll want to tell everyone about the pretty new house you're moving into - and this shouldn’t be limited to your friends and family.

Tell utility companies, the local council, your kids' school and everyone else you feel necessary about the change in address.

Doing this as early as possible will give everyone a chance to update their records, and ensure your mail will be sent to the right place.

Gather all your documents

In the chaos that moving house causes, it can be easy to lose track of important documents and files.

Plan in advance and secure important items such as birth certificates, passports, bank statements and important bills in one place, so you can have easy access to them during and after the moving process.

Book a moving company

Take the time to research different moving companies to find one that will fit your schedule, needs and budget.

It's crucial that they can do the job properly on the big day, so perhaps ask for some referrals from friends who have moved recently.