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The Real Estate Institute of South Australia Incorporated (REISA) aims to provide an efficient, fair and accessible mechanism for handling complaints against our Members.

REISA’s Members are bound by the Real Estate Code (the Code) which sets boundaries of acceptable conduct in real estate practice and defines minimum standards of behaviour required to hold membership of REISA.

REISA does not investigate complaints rather, REISA encourages parties to attempt to resolve the matter before a complaint is lodged and involve both parties in the process and resolution.

If you have a complaint with a Member Agent or Property Manager, you must first write to the member with details of their complaint and the resolution being sought.

It is important that you clearly express what resolution you are seeking.

When REISA receives a complaint against a member, we forward that complaint to the member for their response. The response will then be provided to the complainant.

REISA’s complaints and disputes handling process operates independently of the Office of Consumer and Business Services (CBS) and the legal system and does not allow legal representation.‚Äč

Because of the legal hierarchy, if a matter is before a court or a tribunal, REISA is unable to consider the alleged breach of the Code until that matter has concluded.

REISA can only deal with complaints concerning an alleged breach of the Real Estate Code and does not have the power to award damages in relation to a complaint.

If your complaint relates to a possible legislative breach or is against a non-member, please contact the Office of Consumer and Business Services

If your complaint falls under the Residential Tenancies Act, please contact the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal:

If your complaint is between two businesses, please contact the Small Business Commissioner:

Please click here to download REISA's Complaints and Disputes Handling Policy.

Click here to download a Statutory Declaration form

If you would like further information or to check an Agent’s membership status, please call REISA’s Query Connect Line on 1800 804 365