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RP Data

RP Data

RP Data combines public, contributory and propriety data to develop decision-making analytics, coupled with its business services that bring insight and transparency to property markets. Backed by 30 years of business service history, RP Data is the holder of the country’s largest residential and commercial property database, providing an excellent platform to electronically value every single property in Australia on a weekly basis with an average of 30 million valuations being generated each month. Across Australia and New Zealand, RP Data employs a 330-strong team of professional staff in ten locations. Recognised as the industry leader and an established player in the mortgage industry, the RP Data group revenue result for FY10 was $58 million.

Why choose RP Data?

Australia’s number one property databases: Our databases are updated daily and in real time with details of ownership, recent sales, listings, imagery, historical information and more, validated continuously against government sources, by industry professionals, through media research and by global property information partners.

No-one has more Australian property data than RP Data: Our comprehensive databases include over 150 million property data records that cover 99% of Australian properties. RP Data invests more capital and resources collecting and verifying Australian property data than any other provider leading the industry in advanced collection methods.

The most trusted by industry and government: With over 100,000 end users in industry and government accessing our services 30,000 times a day more professionals use RP Data to support complex property-related decisions than any other provider.

The most current information available: Our databases include more than 35 million property sales and listings records, relating to over 13 million unique properties. RP Data captures more than 600,000 unique properties listed ‘for sale’ or ‘for rent’ per annum, corresponding to over 90% of all advertised properties in print or online within the same period.

The most accurate property values: Using Australia’s most sophisticated property analytics, RP Data values every property in Australia every week, producing over 30 million valuations per month for industry and government. Receiving approximately 90% of Australia’s total residential valuation instructions each month, RP Data can offer unique aggregated insights into the Australian loan origination and refinance mortgage markets. The RP Data–Rismark home value index is the country’s benchmark valuation index and the only Australian property index available on Bloomberg.

Trust through transparency - an independent opinion: As Australia’s most trusted source of property information, RP Data’s data collection, analysis and research methods over unrivalled transparency, are audited regularly and remain independent of real estate, media and banking interests.

Benchmarked for your convenience: The accuracy of our data is continuously tested against multiple sources, collating and verifying consumer-supplied data with the participation of industry professionals to balance the currency of data availability with reliability.

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