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REI Super

REI Super

REI Super is one of the oldest industry super funds in Australia, with more than 40 years' specialisation in providing superannuation to real estate industry professionals.

Specialist for the Real Estate Industry

There are many advantages to investing your super with a super fund focused on your industry.

We know that sales people generally earn most of their income in commission and that it is this, not just their retainer, which needs to be insured through Salary Continuance Insurance.

You want choice of investment options, strong investment performance and security, knowing that your super is where you can trust it to grow.

REI Super works closely with all the major real estate institutes, franchises and employer bodies to ensure that all real estate staff and employers have access to the super information they may require.

All active Members are eligible to run for election as Fund Trustee, ensuring that the REI Super Board represents a broad range of Real Estate professionals and interests.

Tailored for Real Estate Businesses

REI Super understands that Real Estate businesses tend to be smaller, independently owned practices where many people multi-task and time is precious, so making super contributions needs to be simple and efficient.

REI Super is the only Real Estate specific superannuation fund named in the Federal Real Estate Award as a default fund.

REI Super offers employers a range of payment options designed to make meeting your superannuation obligations fast, simple and easy.

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