Security a Bonus when Selling

Security measures are often a consideration potential purchasers will look for when buying property.

Important things to consider in ensuring your home is secure include the appearance of your front yard. Ensure that hedges and trees are not overgrown and do not block the view to your property.

If you have side-gates, are they easily accessible? Do they have solid locks to prevent unwelcome visitors?

Outside lighting is also important. When you approach your house at night, are movement sensor lights activated and are they positioned effectively? Spotlights are a strong deterrent for burglars, but welcoming for planned visitors so ensuring that motion sensors are aimed at key entrances and paths around the house will serve two purposes at once.

Ensuring that garages and sheds are secured with quality locks or roller-doors is essential. Garages with automatic roller-doors are also very popular with buyers because of the secure environment this provides for the housing of vehicles and real estate salespeople are often asked about the garages before people make the decision to inspect a property.

The numbering of a property is also important. At open inspections, you want people to be able to immediately identify the home, plus from a security point of view, the number should be visible so that in the unfortunate case of an emergency, the house can be quickly located.