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The Real Estate Institute of South Australia's Life Members

Life membership is awarded only to individuals who have given much to the real estate profession, and in particular, the contribution they have made to the Real Estate Institute.

1957 Bullock, R. G.
1960 Shuttleworth, L. B.
1961 Matters, C. W.
1961 Wilkinson, Keith
1969 Taplin, W. N. E.
1972 Lang, J. T.
1975 Bruce, T.
1979 Jones, D. C.
1981 Hawkins, C.
1989 Fenwick, G. C.
1996 Cannon, J.C.
2003 Warwick, A.R.
2003 Stone, J. J.
2009 O’Rielley, M.H.
2009 Matters, R. F.
2010 Taplin, G. E.
2010 Wilson, R. D.
2012 Brock, M. A.
2012 Fereday, S. J.
2013 McMutrie, B. W.
2014 Taplin, N.
2015 Sanderson, M.
2016 Toop, A.