Certified Professional Member (CPM)

Certified Professional Member (CPM)

Every South Australian real estate consumer (whether buying, selling, renting or investing) deserves an agent that goes above and beyond the ordinary call of duty.

That’s why REISA has created a special recognition for those members that have gone above and beyond what is ‘traditionally’ required to call oneself and real estate agent. After all, don’t you deserve to be dealing with someone who has demonstrated that they have gone above and beyond just getting their license and being able to put up a sign board.

With a Certified Professional Member you know they are up to date with the latest and greatest to ensure compliance with the law and can provide great customer service.

A CPM lapel pin being proudly worn by an Agent is a sure sign of knowing you are dealing with someone who takes their profession, and the obligations that come along with that profession, very seriously.

Ask your agent if they are a Certified Professional Member of the Real Estate Institute of South Australia!