Get the right advice


Andrew Shields

Operations Manager

Andrew is the Operations Manager at REISA. Andrew’s chief responsibilities are to lead the team at REISA, ensure the effective running of the Institute and engage with our members and stakeholders on every level. Andrew has enjoyed an extensive career in real estate as a licensed land agent, trainer and coach. Andrew is passionate about good governance and corporate and social responsibility.

“I am an enthusiastic advocate for the real estate sector, engaging with government, media, sponsors, and other stakeholders on of behalf of our industry. I am committed to providing our members, partners, and industry stakeholders with an exceptional level of engagement, knowledge and service”

Paul Edwards

Legislation, Risk and Compliance Adviser

Paul is the Legislation, Risk and Compliance Adviser at REISA. Paul’s chief responsibilities include advocacy, professional development and keeping a close eye on legislation both at the local and national levels. Prior to REISA, Paul practised as a lawyer, political adviser and policy officer at CBS.

“I am passionate about what I do in terms of government submissions and professional development. I am very straight down the line in terms of my training and I think that real estate professionals appreciate that. No-one will leave one of my sessions without a straightforward Yes or No answer”

Rebecca Francis

Membership Services and Events Coordinator

Rebecca is the Membership Services and Events Co-ordinator at REISA. Rebecca’s chief responsibilities include dealing with all membership issues and organising the events that REISA is famous for – Awards for Excellence, Conferences and so on. Prior to REISA, Rebecca worked in real estate as a Business Manager and extensively in retail as a Customer Relations Manager.

“My role is all about helping our Members get the most out of REISA that they can. I am committed to providing exceptional customer service and my role suits me perfectly. Our Members deserve to feel valued and an integral part of the REISA community”

Wendy Granozio

Executive Support

Wendy is the Executive Support at REISA. Wendy’s chief responsibility is providing invaluable assistance to the staff and Members of REISA so that they receive the best customer service experience possible. Wendy has extensive experience in office administration, finance and personal assistance roles.

“My philosophy has always been – if I can help in any way, I will. My role allows me to do just that for my colleagues and our members. Every person who contacts REISA with a problem or a query is important and I will work very hard to make sure they think that REISA has helped them in every way possible”