Inclusions and Exclusions in the Sale Contract

In general, items that are fixed to the property or into the grounds of the property, such as pergolas, built-in barbecues, built-in playground equipment, lighting fixtures and blinds, are normally included in the sale of a property. They will remain on the property after the sale and form part of the overall purchase price.

Personal effects of the owner and free-standing items, such as ornamental statues (provided they are not fixed in concrete), pot plants, tables and chairs, rugs and furniture are generally excluded from the sale and the vendor of the home will remove these items before settlement.

If there are special items a vendor wishes to take e.g. curtains that match furniture, you will need to inform your real estate agent when you first discuss the sale of your property so this can be noted in the sales agency agreement and in the sale contract.

Occasionally, a purchaser may request that a particular item be included in the sale e.g. a fridge or microwave that fits exactly into a custom built kitchen. A vendor may give consideration to such a request but, is not bound to agree to it.

If you have any questions regarding what items are included or excluded in the sale of a property, contact the real estate agent handling the sale of the property.

The contract of sale between the vendor and purchaser and signed by all parties, should include a record of the inclusions and exclusions to avoid any misunderstanding.

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