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In Class FAQs

What happens if I miss a class?
100% attendance is required for classes. If a class is missed, the student will be required to reschedule into the next occurrence for that unit (this can be done in either day or evening classes)

What do I wear?
Professional work attire is a requirement for the duration of your studies at REISA.

What do I bring?
Participants should bring their own pens, highlighter pens and note paper; course notes and manuals are provided.

Is there parking at REISA?
Parking is available under the REISA building, however there is limited spaces and you must arrive early prior to commencement time to ensure you get a spot.There is a clearway directly opposite REISA where you can park after 9:15. If all else fails 2 hour parking is available in nearby side streets and you will have the opportunity to move your car during scheduled breaks.

Public Transport?
The Adelaide metro 820 drops you out the front of REISA, whilst the 147 drop you a street away. 820 timetable click here. 147 Timetable click here.

All day courses and Lunch?
There is a kitchen available to students providing complimentary coffee and biscuits. The fridge and microwave are also for use of students. For lunch you can either bring your own or the lunch lady from boardroom baguettes is available (she takes EFTPOS).

What time are breaks?
For a day course there are 3 allocated break periods morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. The lunch lady arrives during the morning tea break for students to purchase food and drink.

What can I do to further increase my industry knowledge after my course?
REISA has a busy Professional Development calendar offering training on a wide range of topics, tailored to the different specialisations to ensure you keep your competitive edge.

Online FAQs

Why do it online?
Online training provides the student with the flexibility and opportunity to study and complete their assessments, where and whenever suits them. Students are able to login when they have the greatest availability and freedom to study, (for example, afterhours and/or weekends)

How long does it take?
CPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) should be completed within 12 months, however when study is undertaken online the time frames may vary depending on the student and their availability for study. Students can discuss time frames with their online facilitator at any time.

Do I do all the units at once?
Students are provided with access to units online, one after another, as they near completion of the previous unit(s), or at the specific request for more units from the student for additional units to be loaded.

What courses are available online?
Currently CPP30211 Certificate III in Property Services (Agency), CPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) and CPP50307 Diploma of Property Services (Agency Management) are available online.

Do I get support if I do training online?
Students have a dedicated online facilitator and assessor who provides support during their study. The online facilitator and assessor will respond to messages and the student may request to arrange to speak with their assessor if they would like to discuss any areas specifically.

Is there anything else I have to do if I study online?
Reference materials are provided online which the student is required to read. Written assessments and projects of the required knowledge for each unit are also available online for the student to complete. Assessments are submitted online for marking and if the assessor requires further information a resubmit online will be required.

Students are required to attend workshops over a two (2) day period to undertake assessment of their required skills in a realistic, simulated environment. The attendance and assessment at workshops is compulsory and undertake only when students have completed study and online assessment of clusters of units of competency. Attendance at the assessment workshops can be arranged to suit the availability of students after they have completed units of competency. Students should contact the Online Training Coordinator to discuss further and to arrange attendance. Click here to learn more about the practical assessment workshop.