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AJ Colman

Adrian (AJ) is an Auctioneer and public speaker. AJ has worked for many years as an auctioneer in the real estate industry and has conducted over 1,000 residential, commercial and rural property auctions. AJ is also a well-recognised South Australian charity event facilitator helping charitable organisations raise over $1.1 million. AJ bring his wealth of experience in negotiation, marketing and presenting to the classroom. AJ’s style is fun, vibrant and relevant and he focuses greatly on student participation.

AJ is responsible for training the Sales and Communication units at REISA.

“I love training at REISA as it is like being a part of a big professional family with excellent support and state of the art training facilities. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than working with students to ensure they achieve their full potential”

Paul Edwards

Paul is the Legislation and Policy Adviser at REISA. Before joining REISA, Paul worked as a lawyer, political adviser and policy officer at Consumer and Business Services where he had sole responsibility for the real estate portfolio. Paul was responsible for the drafting of the sales legislation and worked closely with John Rau’s office in taking the draft Bill through Parliament. Paul is now very involved in property management training and has delivered over 500 training sessions to property managers and principals. Paul’s style is inclusive and fun with lots of real life case studies thrown in – as well as the inside scoop from his time at CBS. Paul is affectionately known as the Property Management Guru (self styled).

Paul is responsible for training the Legal and Leasing units at REISA.

“I love training the legal units at REISA where I can combine my passion for the law, politics and property management. Witnessing students take an interest and ask lots of questions is what training is all about”

Trish Johnson

Trish has been involved in the real estate industry in South Australia for over 20 years as a receptionist through to a principal in both country and metropolitan areas. Trish also runs a promotions company, Property PR, for real estate agencies to assist them in drafting editorial content and marketing plans.

Trish has worked as a South Australian Government appointed court assessor for the real estate industry under the Land Agents Act since 2012. Trish’s style is fun, inclusive and very hands-on. Trish has worked in every capacity in the real estate industry and this enables her to have a fantastic insight into the interplay between all sectors of real estate.

Trish is responsible for training the Marketing Strategy, Ethics and Risk Management units at REISA.

“I really enjoy the relationships I develop through the many and varied students I meet. I also love having the ability to bring real life experiences to assist those who want to make real estate an ethical and meaningful career path”

Wayne Johnson

Wayne has been involved in the real estate profession for over 30 years - administration and property management, sales and agency ownership successfully operating three agencies simultaneously for around 10 years.

Since selling the agency business, Wayne has worked in commercial valuation for a major commercial company and for the 12 years to 2014, was National Franchise Manager for a global real estate franchise overseeing business and service support. Wayne is presently the South Australian representative for EBM Insurance Brokers developing EBM’s RentCover landlord insurance business while also directly involved in the ongoing growth of, a financial management and sales activity planning program he developed specifically for real estate agents.

Wayne is responsible for training the financial units (Diploma) at REISA

“I’ve been involved in training with REISA for many years – they are a very professional organisation with a real interest in ensuring the real estate profession grows on the foundation of well-educated practitioners. It’s great to see former REISA students who are now flourishing in the property industry”

Marina Kelly

Marina has been in the real estate industry for over 20 years and is the proud owner of a property management company.

Marina is a graduate from the University of South Australia with a Bachelor degree in Business specialising in all fields of property.

Marina began her career in sales but soon realised that her talents lay with her two favourite passions – property and building a happy clientele. This led her to winning the coveted 2014 No 1 Property Manager in South Australia (Harcourts).

Marina is responsible for training the Property Management units at REISA.

Marina’s style is very interactive with lots of case studies and real life experiences thrown in. Marina is great fun and her laugh can be heard up and down the corridors (and even sometimes on Greenhill Road).

“I really enjoy seeing students achieve their potential, ask lots of questions and come out of their shell during training. I love doing what I do and my experience really enables me to impart a real sense of property management to the students”

Ros Munt

​Ros has been in the real estate industry for more than 28 years – and with the same agency.

Ros started her career as a sales associate and also gained her Property Management certification. Ros practised both roles for many years until recently when she moved predominantly into a property management role. Ros runs a property management department of over 1,000 properties and manages 12 staff. Ros also sells properties on referral.

Ros was awarded Property Manager of the year in 2011.

Ros’ style is fun, infectious and very much grounded in reality having worked at the coalface for so many years.

Ros is responsible for training the Interpersonal Business Skills units at REISA.

”I love being a trainer because it has given me an opportunity to pass on my knowledge to those wanting to join the industry. I feel my students like the way I teach because I am able to use real life scenarios and how I dealt with them to give them a good understanding of how things will work in the industry”

Ben Philpott

Ben Philpott has over 15 years’ experience in the real estate industry and is currently a Senior Property Manager for DB Philpott Real Estate. Ben is second generation real estate and lives and breathes it.

Ben has also worked with both Ray White and RE/MAX franchise groups and since 2010 has been working in his independent family business.

Ben has also given many professional development sessions to property managers at REISA on such topics as water invoicing, Conciliation at the Tribunal, Inspections and How to Finalise a Lease.

Ben’s style is passionate, youthful and he has dozens of Tribunal stories to boggle your mind.

Ben is responsible for training the Leasing units at REISA.

“Training at REISA is fantastic. It is a truly professional organisation that is committed to ensuring that its graduates are the best they can be. All the trainers are passionate about their teaching and do their utmost to make sure that their students feel the same”

Brett Roenfeldt

Brett commenced his real estate career in 1979 and opened his own agency which he operated for 15 years. In 1995 Brett established South Australia’s only fulltime freelance auctioneering company. During his long career, Brett has conducted in excess of 15,000 property auctions. Brett has won many industry awards including the Order of Australia Medal for services to the real estate industry, the REIA Presidents Award for Excellence and the REISA Sir Robert Torrens Award. Brett has also served as a Judge of auctioneering championships for many years. Brett’s style is enthusiastic and passionate and he bring his wealth of experience at auctions to the classroom forum.

Brett is responsible for training the Marketing Strategy, Ethics and Risk Management units at REISA.

“I am a trainer for REISA because it allows me the opportunity to give something back to an industry that has given me so much. I am proud to have trained at REISA for in excess of 25 years”

Megan Tamlin

Megan has worked in the industry since 2006. She is a law graduate and has worked extensively in sales.

Megan has also worked as a State Training and Recruitment Manager and a Sponsor and Supplier Communications Officer with a major real estate agency.

Megan’s style is energetic, enthusiastic and she is able to share her experiences from her many roles in the real estate sector.

Megan is responsible for training the Interpersonal Business Skills units at REISA.

“I love being a trainer at REISA because I have enormous enthusiasm for the real estate industry. I greatly enjoy sharing what I have learned over many years in an industry that I love”