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Online Courses

REISA is pleased to offer online training as an option for students wishing to study at REISA. Online training is an easy and convenient way to study for those that find it difficult to fit studying in a classroom into their schedule.

Why online?
Self paced - only take on what you can at anytime
Convenience - all you need is a computer and Internet connection, so you can study virtually anywhere and at anytime.
Flexibility - you don't have to fit in with classroom schedules or wait for a new class to begin, you can start straight away no matter when you enrol.

How long?
Participants must complete their course within 6 months from their starting date.

Flexible delivery
Students can work at their own pace, you will generally start off with 1 - 2 units at a time and you can work through them at your own pace. (You are required to complete one unit per month to be on track to complete the full qualification in 12 months.)

In circumstances where students that prefer to study in class rather than online have missed units due to illness they can catch up on units online rather than waiting for another class to begin.

Once you are enrolled you will have support staff who can be contacted by email and phone if you require any assistance.
The REISA training team are always available to assist as well.

Price will be determined by the course studied. Please see the cost of the courses offered below.


Qualification Workshop Days
Certificate - Property Management Registration 2 days (consecutive days)

The online courses option is currently available for:

  • Certificate - Property Management Registration $1,450 $999 SPECIAL PRICE