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Investor Mindset

Investors are an ever-increasing portion of the market as first home buyers retreat. They are also repeat buyers as many investors buy multiple rental properties, which is an opportunity for multiple commissions. Some investors flip properties and will be looking to sell the same but improved property in a relatively short period of time. Finally, some investors become developers and they are looking for quality real estate agents to sell their developments.

Investor Mindset is a 90-minute session held in two parts.

The first part will detail what you need to know to understand what property investors want.

  • How are investors different to home buyers?
  • How are investors similar to home buyers?
  • What are the top features of a profitable rental property?
  • What about renovating properties for profit?
  • How does depreciation work?

The second part will help you gain a detailed understanding of the financing requirements for property investors. These are quite different to home-owners and it is critical for real estate agents to understand the differences and provide relevant and critical information to investors, because if they can't get the loan, there will be no purchase or sale and commission.

Facilitator - Peter “The Property Professor” Koulizos

Peter holds a teaching degree, Masters of Business (Property) and Master of Urban & Regional Planning. Peter is currently the Program Director of the Master of Property at Adelaide University. Peter has been teaching in real estate and investment for over 25 years.
Peter also personally invests/develops property and currently holds several properties.
Peter has the ability to combine the theory of property investment with the practical aspects so as to teach people how to make money for themselves from investing in property, whether they be buying, selling, renting, renovating or developing property.
Peter researches property markets around the nation, looking for the best suburbs to invest in each capital city. He has published two books; “The Property Professor’s Top Australian Suburbs” and “Property vs Shares”. His third book will be out soon.
He is also a contributor to numerous newspapers/ and magazines and is sought after by TV and radio for his research and comments on the property market.
Thursday 28 October
10am - 12noon
Nexia Edwards Marshall – Training Room
Level 3, 153 Flinders Street, Adelaide
Investment (GST Inclusive)
Individual REISA member: $30
Non-member: $50
For further details contact
REISA Training on 08 8366 4300 or via email