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Property Management

  • Breaking the Lease

    Breaking the Lease

    When a tenant breaks their lease (or tells you they are going to), it can lead to a variety of issues for you as the Property Manager.  This course is designed to assist you with the legislation, policies and procedures that you need to adhere to and have in place so that you receive your full entitlement to break lease fees and compensation.

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  • Complying with the Property Management Legislation

    Complying with the Property Management Legislation

    Is the Residential Tenancies Act 1995 giving you a headache?  Are there some sections that just do your head in?  Then this course is for you.  It is an overview of the top issues currently in PM and a great course for those just starting in PM or those who want a thorough overview of the tenancy process.  Bring along your questions and have them all answered comprehensively and accurately.  Sometimes you just want a Yes or No answer.  You will get it here.

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  • Landlords and Tenants - Rights and Obligations

    Landlords and Tenants - Rights and Obligations

    20 Scintillating Scenarios.  20 definitive answers.  Test your knowledge on 8 different topics.  And get the low-down and a Yes or No answer on all your questions.  From the Section 48 Notice to mitigating your loss after a break lease to when a tenant can get out of a water bill - everything is here.

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  • Privacy and Property Management

    Privacy and Property Management

    Privacy will always be a hot and controversial topic in PM.   What rights does your landlord have?  What rights does your tenant have?  And most importantly, what can you take photos of during an inspection?  All your privacy questions are answered in this comprehensive course that will tell you exactly what you can and cannot do during the marketing, selection and management stages of your tenancy.

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  • Property Management Documentation

    Property Management Documentation

    What are the 4 most important forms in property Management?  They are all here and discussed in detail.  This course is for you if you want to be able to fill out the perfect agreements and Tribunal forms.

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  • SACAT and the Residential Tenancies Act

    SACAT and the Residential Tenancies Act

    SACAT can often appear intimidating and challenging to many property managers.  If this is you, rest assured that you are not alone.  However, if it is you, then this course is also for you.  Be confident about your role and knowledge and fully prepare yourself before your conference or hearing with this new and updated PD session..  This course is designed for everyone who attends SACAT (or will in the future) and wants to learn all about the processes and procedures that make up the world of the Tribunal.

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