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Property Management

  • Breaking the Lease

    Breaking the Lease

    - What happens when a tenant breaks their lease

    - Detailed checklist

    - Mitigating the loss under the Residential Tenancies Act

    - CBS Formulae

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  • Digital Marketing – Effective Advertising & Compliance - PM

    Digital Marketing – Effective Advertising & Compliance - PM

    - Why we advertise – our duty of service

    - Legislative compliance and property advertising

    - Representations and consumer protections

    - Why EFFECTIVE advertising is part of your contractual duty

    - Common roadblocks to effective compliant marketing

    - Feature and benefits – accurate representations

    - Live critiquing on-line listings for compliance and effectiveness

    - Talking to your target market – professionally and without discrimination

    - Rent returns and representations – the use of Form R7

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  • Effective Conciliation at SACAT

    Effective Conciliation at SACAT

    Most matters are now set for conciliation.  Are you or your property management staff in a position to effectively negotiate with tenants, tenants advocate and landlords?  Do you have what it takes to resolve the matter at conciliation?  Do you involve your landlord or even bring your landlord to this matter?

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  • Lease Finalisation

    Lease Finalisation

    - Vacancy checklists

    - How to ensure nothing is missed

    - Bonds

    - Release of bond procedures

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  • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution - Sales

    Negotiation and Conflict Resolution - Sales

    - What is conflict?

    - What is negotiation?

    - Common areas of conflict and negotiation in sales

    - Negotiation styles

    - Negotiation stages

    - Customer service & conflict avoidance – the future of sales

    - How to use legislation in conflict resolution & negotiation

    - Common negotiation tactics

    - Cross cultural understandings minimising discrimination

    - Communication channels best used in negotiation and conflict

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  • Professional Ethics

    Professional Ethics

    - Contractual and fiduciary duties of a real estate agent

    - Conduct, ethics and behaviour in real estate

    - Professional conduct – interaction with the Land Agents Act

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  • Property Management Documentation

    Property Management Documentation

    - Legislation - Residential Tenancies Act 1995 (RTA)

    - Management Agreements

    - Tenancy Agreements

    - Form 2

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  • SACAT and the Residential Tenancies Act

    SACAT and the Residential Tenancies Act

    - What is SACAT

    - The Tribunal Fee

    - Documentation Requirements for SACAT

    - Applications for Vacant Possession

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  • The Lease - Everything you need to know

    The Lease - Everything you need to know

    - Requirements under the Residential Tenancies Act

    - Section 48 Notice

    - Sub leasing – a detailed discussion

    - Assignment – a detailed discussion

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  • Trust Accounting

    Trust Accounting

    Ensuring that customers’ funds are administered correctly under the Land Agents Act 1994 is an essential element of any agency’s practice and this workshop provides the fundamentals of operating and maintaining trust accounts.

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