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REISA Scholarship Auction Competition

The Real Estate Institute of South Australia (REISA) Scholarship Auction Competition

The REISA Scholarship Auction Competition is completely FREE for students to participate.

The Scholarship Competition helps students develop skills in public speaking, presentation, social relationships and self-confidence. It also opens a pathway in to the Real Estate industry for students wishing to choose that option.

The REISA Scholarship Auction Competition allows ALL participating students completing the competition to receive a $4,000 scholarship with REISA.

The students are required to do three Nationally Accredited units as part of the competition. This can earn students at least 5 SACE credits for Stage 1 or Stage 2.

The students will have 6 days of contact time for study during the school holidays and/or after school training with REISA facilitators.

On 19 July 2018 students will participate in an auction competition (practical workshop). The winner and runner up of the REISA Auction Scholarship Competition will win a trip to New Zealand to represent REISA at the Australasian Auctioneering Schools Championship in October 2018.

Once the students have completed all areas of the competition, they will be awarded their Scholarship (CPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate)) which they can continue to study throughout the remainder of the year (810 nominal hours) or can be done over 36 months.

Students are able to do this online, at night classes or joining classes in the school holidays.

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To find out more information contact our Training Department on 8366 4300

Here are some highlights from the Inaugural REISA Scholarship Competition

Find out what past student participants have to say about the REISA Scholarship Auction Competition

10 months ago I was a year 12 student interested in real estate. I emailed REISA asking about my options to study, and from that day forward my future started to unfold.

Being a year 12 student, they suggested I compete in the REISA Scholarship Auction Competition. Knowing nothing about auction, REISA trainer AJ Colman trained and educated me on every aspect of the field. This led me to place third in the REISA Scholarship Auction Competition, sending me to represent SA in the Australasian Auctioneering Schools Championship where I gained exposure and met many professionals in the industry.

I have to give thanks to the awesome REISA mentors: AJ Colman, Brett Roenfeldt and Paul Edwards who took time out to help me become one of the top five junior auctioneers in Australia.

Fast forward to now and I’m currently completing my Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) on a scholarship thanks to REISA. This has enabled me to secure my dream job as a Sales Agent with Ray White Murray Bridge where I hope to become a female auctioneer.

Four months out of high school and because of REISA I have had so many opportunities and exposure to the industry that I am so thankful for.

Thank you to all the REISA staff, especially Chris Jansse and CEO Greg Troughton – I will be forever grateful for everything you guys have enabled me to do.

Amy-Lee Hay - 2017 participant

Hey I’m Kaylen Houltby,

I’ve always had many passions but my main focus has always been people and making others happy and giving people the opportunity to enjoy life in fun and interesting ways.

I recently competed in the REISA auctioneering championships as a student from Seaford Secondary College

I went through many intensive training days of learning about an auctioneer and their role and responsibilities. My trainer AJ Colman provided me industry experience and educated me with his wide range of knowledge about auctioneering and his experience as an auctioneer. This was all to prepare for the Auctioneering champion heats, which was so nerve racking!!

The competition day came and I went up on stage and performed a complete auction thanks to all the training REISA and AJ Colman provided me with.

After the competition heats ended it came down to the real deal, finals in Alice Springs. I would like to thank all the REISA staff who accompanied me and helped make the experience to the Northern Territory worthwhile. Thank you for all the friendliness and care you provided me.

Honestly what more can I say about REISA and this amazing program. I guess I could mention that now I’m sitting in a classroom at REISA participating in the Certificate IV in Property Services to become a real estate agent and auctioneer in the near future.

So thankyou to staff at REISA, my trainer AJ Colman and anyone else who has provided me with support as well as helped me through this life changing journey and made all my dreams come true.

Kaylen Houltby - 2016 participant