• Conflict Resolution in Real Estate

    Conflict Resolution in Real Estate

    Housing is an essential building block for our western lives. For this reason emotions surrounding purchase, ownership and rental are heightened often leading to tension and conflict. This workshop will explore ways to manage yourself and others to reduce the incidence and impact of tension and conflict, and where possible, convert this energy into problem resolution. Topics

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  • Drafting Residential Contracts and Special Conditions

    Drafting Residential Contracts and Special Conditions

    You all know about special conditions - those pesky things that vendors and purchasers want to include in a contract.  They can be very complicated and differ between different properties.  If you fancy yourself as a contract whiz or just want to learn more - this course is for you - a How to Guide on drafting conditions clearly and accurately.  Commercial & Legal are on board to teach this course - so make sure you come along and take advantage of specialist legal knowledge.  Learn how to manage expectations and to get to contract and settlement smoothly and effectively.

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    Form 1s can often be a daunting exercise for a real estate agency.  Here is the perfect course for you if you want to have a greater and more in-depth experience of the A-Z of Form 1s and especially, the Division 2 particulars.

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  • Section 24G - Conflict of interest

    Section 24G - Conflict of interest

    As one of the trickiest sections in real estate legislation, the A-Z of Section 24G is essential learning.  Are you confused as to whether the receptionist can buy one of your properties?  What about the receptionist's father?  What about you?  Find out all the answers here!

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