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  • Contract to Settlement

    Contract to Settlement

    Legislative requirements

    Understanding Form 1

    Defective Form 1s

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  • Form 1

    Form 1

    - What is the Vendor’s Statement – Form 1?

    - “Complete & accurate” - What does it really mean?

    - Vendor Questionnaires, what purpose do they serve?

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  • How to comply with SA's Sales Legislation

    How to comply with SA's Sales Legislation

    - Sales Agency Agreements

    - Notice Of Expiry

    - Price Representations

    - Residential land offers

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  • Professional Ethics

    Professional Ethics

    - Contractual and fiduciary duties of a real estate agent

    - Conduct, ethics and behaviour in real estate

    - Professional conduct – interaction with the Land Agents Act

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  • The PMAP Principle

    The PMAP Principle

    - What is the PMAP?

    - Sales Agency Agreement

    - What are qualifying words and symbols

    - Agent’s genuine estimate

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  • Trust Accounting

    Trust Accounting

    - Ensuring that customers’ funds are administered correctly under the Land Agents Act 1994 is an essential element of any agency’s practice and this workshop provides the fundamentals of operating and maintaining trust accounts.

    - Ensure your employees fully understand their obligations and identify effective procedures to avoid errors in the maintenance of the trust account.

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  • Sales Agency Agreements

    Sales Agency Agreements

    - Agent's genuine estimate

    - Prescribed minimum advertising price

     - Vendor's selling price and the reserve

     - Notice of Expiry documentation / subsequent vs new agreements

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