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  • Complying with Sales Legislation

    Complying with Sales Legislation

    Are you new to the sales profession or just want to update your skills and knowledge?  Then this course is for you.  These are all the hot issues in sales at the moment from a compliance and risk management perspective.   Bring along your questions and have them all answered comprehensively and accurately.  No wishy washy answers here.  You will get the only answer.


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  • Contract to Settlement

    Contract to Settlement

    Contract to settlement can be a long and difficult process.  Although the primary responsibility of an agent is to market and sell a property, the agent can remain involved until the property has settled.  Your duties could include following up special conditions, works to be completed, negotiating through the settlement period and exchanging keys on settlement day.  It is essential that you know what to expect and how to deal with all these issues throughout the settlement period.   If you want to know more, then this course is for YOU.

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  • Professional Ethics

    Professional Ethics

    All too often, all we think about is - are we complying with the Act?  However, you have duties other than those imposed by legislation.  In this session, we look at all the other duties you owe to your client and consumer - how they interact, how they overlap and what could happen to you if you breach any of them.

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  • Sales Agency Agreements

    Sales Agency Agreements

    Sales Agency agreements are the backbone of your existence as a sales representative.  They provide you with the authority to list your client's property and entitle you to fees and commission.   Ensuring your agreements are correct and compliant is essential.  otherwise you risk prosecution by CBS or your client getting out of paying you commission and advertising.  You must protect your business by ensuring that you have a valid sales agency agreement at all times.

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  • Special Conditions in a Residential Contract

    Special Conditions in a Residential Contract

    You all know about special conditions - those pesky things that vendors and purchasers want to include in a contract.  They can be very complicated and differ between different properties.  If you fancy yourself as a contract whiz or just want to learn more - this course is for you - a How to Guide on drafting conditions clearly and accurately.  Commercial & Legal are on board to teach this course - so make sure you come along and take advantage of specialist legal knowledge.  Learn how to manage expectations and to get to contract and settlement smoothly and effectively.

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