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Property Management

  • Effective Conciliation at SACAT

    Effective Conciliation at SACAT

    Most matters are now set for conciliation.  Are you or your property management staff in a position to effectively negotiate with tenants, tenants advocate and landlords?  Do you have what it takes to resolve the matter at conciliation?  Do you involve your landlord or even bring your landlord to this matter?

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  • Equal Opportunity and PM

    Equal Opportunity and PM

    Equal Opportunity has always been a hot topic in PM.  And so it is essential that every PM knows their responsibilities and obligations under equal opportunity legislation.  This course comprehensively covers all aspects of equal opportunity and will more than equip you for any possible SACAT complaint against you.  It also covers agency practices, policies and procedures that you MUST write and adopt to ensure that you are complying with your ethical and legal responsibilities.

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  • Forms - Property Management

    Forms - Property Management

    -  Your tenant has breached their lease. You want them out.

    -  A tree has crashed through the house.  The tenant cannot live there anymore.


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  • Inspections - Routine and Final

    Inspections - Routine and Final

    One of the biggest challenges facing a property manager is how to accurately and thoroughly prepare initial and quarterly inspection reports.

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  • Landlords and Tenants - Rights and Obligations

    Landlords and Tenants - Rights and Obligations

    Match your wits against each other in 14 scintillating scenarios. No matter whether you are a beginner in property management or a self avowed Guru, this course will have something for everyone.

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  • Lease Finalisation

    Lease Finalisation

    - Vacancy checklists

    - How to ensure nothing is missed

    - Bonds

    - Release of bond procedures

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  • Privacy and PM

    Privacy and PM

    Privacy will always be a hot and controversial topic in PM.   What rights does your landlord have?  What rights does your tenant have?  And most importantly, what can you take photos of during an inspection?  All your privacy questions are answered in this comprehensive course that will tell you exactly what you can and cannot do during the marketing, selection and management stages of your tenancy.

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  • Professional Ethics

    Professional Ethics

    - Contractual and fiduciary duties of a real estate agent

    - Conduct, ethics and behaviour in real estate

    - Professional conduct – interaction with the Land Agents Act

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